Review: The Cellar Door

Friday, 16 March 2012
B took me out for dinner at The Cellar Door on George IV Bridge on Saturday night for my birthday.  I didn't think I'd been before, but once we got inside I realised that I had actually had lunch there about 5 years ago when it was part of the Olive Branch chain.

Things didn't get off to a great start for us - B had reserved a table online through their own website but having not received a confirmation email he called the restaurant on Saturday evening to double check that they had our booking.  They didn't, but they assured us that they did now!  When we arrived however they couldn't find our reservation on the list and it took a few minutes before they worked it out.

Eventually we were seated though (at a table right next to the bar/server area which wasn't the most romantic of settings), given some water and menus.  We forgoed starters and, despite the fact that I'd had steak the week before when I was out for Jemma's birthday at The Mussel & Steak Bar, we both chose steak as our main.

We were given some bread to munch on while we waited on our mains - 2 slices of chunky brown bread with butter, nothing too exciting but it did the job.  Our food arrived pretty promptly and was well presented (I forgot to take photos though).  The sides were exactly the same as I had at Mussel & Steak, with salad, purple coleslaw (I assume it has beetroot in it?), a little pot of sauce (pepper for me, garlic butter for B) and a bowl of chips.  The steak was just how I like it; chargrilled on the outside, pink (but not too pink) on the inside - although there were quite a lot of fatty/grisly bits that I had to eat around.  The chips were delicious - chunky and crispy and not greasy.  If I had to compare the Cellar Door's efforts to Mussel & Steak I'd say M&S wins on the steak and CD wins on the chips (although I didn't try the beef dripping chips at M&S so they may have been better).

As it was my birthday treat we went for desserts too - I chose a dark chocolate tart and B had the cheesecake.  My chocolate tart was AMAZING, although I didn't manage to finish it all as I was reaching the "feeling slightly sick" stage.

Chocolate Tart Dessert - Cellar Door, Edinburgh Restaurant Review
I remembered to take photos this time!  Look at this beaut!
After we'd given up on the yummy desserts the bill was delivered promptly, and at around £50 it was very reasonable.  Overall I'd give The Cellar Door a 7/10 - although if we go back I think I'd try and get a more private table away from the thoroughfare, as it kind of spoiled the atmosphere a bit with people going back and forth all the time.

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