Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of the Next Top Model franchise - I love America's Next Top Model, Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (aka BINTM....hehe, BINT!), and I've even found myself tuning into Australia's Next Top Model from time to time, although I do tend to find the aussie one a bit *yawn*. Anyway, the point is - I like me some NTM. However, the most recent series of ANTM (the "Allstar" cycle) is really starting to grind my gears, to the point that I've almost given up altogether.

Why you might ask? Well, first of all it seems to get more and more ridiculous with every episode, and not in a good way. Seriously I think Tyra has lost her mind. I get that it's the "allstar" cycle so they've tried hard to make it a bit different, but in doing so they've taken it to the extreme and it's almost become a parody.

The tasks just seem mental - from the bizarre "write a song that contains the line 'Pot Ledom - thats Top Model backwards'" to the so-wrong-it's-almost-right feta salad bowl photoshoot, to the downright dumb video for Tyra's "novel" about a model called Tooke who lives in the mountains (or something shit like that). It's getting embarrassing. You can literally see the shame grow on poor Allisons' face each week.

Oh and did I mention that Lisa has made it to the top 3? Lisa?!! Need I remind you that she peed in an adult nappy/diaper during her cycle?! She peed. In a nappy. In front of other human beings. The bitch is crazy! And also, I hate to be a cow but....she is way too old!! I mean not literally old (I'm sure she's younger than me) but she looks haggard (that's what a crazy life does to you folks).

And finally, don't get me started on the fact that the dreadful Alexandra was classed as an Allstar....

Anyway that's enough from me - I'm away to watch a video of Angelea telling a bunch of Greek VIPs that she needs the loo (yep, that actually happened).

"All y'all are bitches!"

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