LOreal Studio Secrets Primer

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
Just a quick post today to tell you about one of my current favourite products - LOreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer (bit of a mouthful!).  I never used to really wear primers that often, but I picked this up as an impulse buy when I was in Boots a few months ago (I think it was on offer, as it's currently £14.29 on the Boots website and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have paid that much on a random impulse).  

It's got a sort of foamy/spongy texture to it, and feels quite similar to a silicon based primer product from Nivea (I think) that I used to use years ago.  It makes my skin feel unbelievably soft and smooth (I can't stop touching my face!), also since I've started using it I feel like my foundation has less slippage during the day.  

So yeah, I've become a primer convert!  In fact, I had a bit of a Boots online shopping spree yesterday lunchtime and basically spent all of my birthday money on make up (oops) - they have a Benefit offer on at the moment where you get a free "that gal" brightening primer when you buy 2 products, so I'll try that one out later on in the week when my stuff arrives and will see how it compares to LOreal.

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