What a week!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012
Only 2 weeks in and I've already fallen behind on my plan to keep this blog up to date - however in my defence this is due to fact that some utter bastards broke into my flat last week and nicked my laptop (and my GHD's....the dicks!).

And to make matters worse, I didn't have any contents insurance (.....I do now!), so it's probably going to be a month or so before I can afford to buy myself a new laptop which means for now I'll have to settle for writing blog posts at work on my lunch break.

So to make up for the lack of posts, here's some pics from the last week or so.

Primark Haul Feb 2012
Durham Castle

1) Shopping Spree - I had my most successful Primark trip EVER the other week where I bought all this stuff for the grand total of just £105.  My favourite pieces were the cute doctor bag and the amazing boots (sooo comfortable).  

2) Sad Face - my kicked in front door, courtesy of some thieving scumbags who broke into my flat last Monday.  I hope you burn your ears with my GHD's you c..ts!

3) Flowers - My almost-in-laws sent us these gorgeous flowers to cheer us up after the aforementioned break in - how lovely?!

4) Pancakes - I'm normally really bad at making pancakes, for some reason they always turn out tasteless, mis-shapen and a bit burnt, but this year I somehow managed to turn it all around and they were amazing.  I meant to take a photo of my awesome pancake and nutella tower but it was demolished so quickly that I forgot.

5) Party Face - Ready for a night out with friends at Electric Circus (karaoke and copious amounts of alcohol - what could go wrong?!) on Saturday.  Lips courtesy of Collection 2000, eyes courtesy of the new They're Real mascara by Benefit.

6) Durham Castle - taken from the train on my flying visit to London yesterday .

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