Review: Valentines at Tusitala

Monday, 13 February 2012
Due to Valentines Day inconveniently falling on a Tuesday this year, B and I decided to go out for an early V-day dinner on the Sunday night.  We always seem to go out for meals in the same places in the centre of town, so this time I chose us a random little place out towards Fairmilehead called Tusitala (update: restaurant now closed).

Some blurry lift action
When we arrived we were given the choice of sitting in the main restaurant or through in the function suite area - we went for the latter as the main restaurant seemed a bit noisy.  The place looked nice - clean with contemporary decor and a glass wall which, if it was daytime, would have given some nice views across the Pentlands.

Drinks orders were taken as soon as we sat down (rose for me, orange juice for driver B) and food orders taken shortly after, so we had our hopes us for some good prompt service....

To start we shared garlic bread with mozzarella - normally a firm favourite with the both of us (mmmm cheesy garlicky goodness) however this one failed to hit the spot and didn't really seem to taste of anything.  How can garlic bread be tasteless??

Garlic Pizza Bread at Tusitala, Edinburgh
Starter - Garlic Bread with Mozzarella
About 45 minutes later our mains arrived.  I had gone for Pan Fried Scallops with Chorizo, Rocket and Dill, served with Pommes Berrichon.  It looked pretty nice on the plate (if a bit swamped by rocket) and was a decent portion size (around 6 chunky scallops).  Like the starter it was let down slightly though by the taste, or lack of.  Also I was slightly disappointed that it was thin slices of cold chorizo rather than nice chunky fried bits.

Scallops and Chorizo at Tusitala Restaurant, Edinburgh
Main - Scallops with Chorizo
B went for the Calzone Stromboli (which was huuuuge) - filled with salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella.  This seemed to get a thumbs up, although it was let down slightly by the sad side salad (which looked like it had come straight out of a supermarket packet and was already going brown).

Calzone at Tusitala Restaurant, Edinburgh
Main - Calzone Stromboli
When the plates were taken away we were asked if we wanted to take a look at the Dessert menu - B was feeling a bit stuffed after the mammoth Calzone but I had chosen my main sensibly so I would still have room for ice cream so we said yes please!  20 minutes later (!) the menus arrived and I decided on a Honeycomb Fudge Sundae (vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and fudge pieces, fudge sauce and cream - yum yum!).

We got 2 spoons as B's appetite had come back by the time the sundae finally arrived.  It looked awesome, although it was about 60% whipped cream that we just ate around.  The ice cream and fudge bits were yummy, although I don't remember finding any actual honeycomb bits.

Honeycomb Fudge Sundae at Tusitala Restaurant, Edinburgh
Dessert - Honeycomb Fudge Sundae
Once we'd had enough of dessert (i.e once we reached the point of feeling a bit sick) we asked for the bill which arrived promptly so they get some extra points for that (one of my pet hates is having to sit for ages waiting on a bill).

Overall I'd give Tusitala a 5 out of 10 - the place itself was nice, food was ok but a bit bland, and service was friendly but very slow.  At least we tried somewhere new I suppose!

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