What I've Been Buying in the Sales

Saturday, 24 January 2015
H&M - was £12.99 reduced to £7
New Look - was £17.99 reduced to £7
Topshop - £26 (not in the sale)
New Look - was £17.99 reduced to £4
Topshop -was £46 reduced to £15
Left: H&M - was £24.99 reduced to £10
Right: New Look - £12.99 (not in the sale)
Left: New Look - £12.99 (not in the sale)
Right: New Look -was £9.99 now £4
Top: H&M - £7.99 (not in the sale)
Trainers: New Look - £19.99
Left: New Look - was £12.99 reduced to £5
Middle: Dorothy Perkins - was £18 reduced to £7
Right: Topshop - was £16.50 reduced to £5
Topshop - was £65 reduced to £20

The temptation to buy EVERYTHING in the Boxing Day sales this year was STRONG.  I spent so many evenings browsing online and filling shopping baskets before deciding against it and shutting the laptop.  Probably a smart decision given that I'm saving for a wedding.  I did end up buying a couple of things though, but tried to be sensible and only get items that I actually needed - namely new gym gear and smart stuff for work.  

Gym gear because I really need to start getting back into a gym routine again, I think I went like twice in the last 3 months of 2014, oops.  I also feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a rut with workwear as I have about 5 outfits that I really like and I just wear them on rotation.  I got some really cute winter florals though which are a welcome addition to my work wardrobe.  Also - that new satchel has been pretty much glued to my side since the start of Jan, I love it so much!

I've got no justification for those glitter shoes though. And no regrets.

Btw I also filmed a sales haul video featuring some of these items (as well as some makeup bits) which you can view on my youtube channel.

(I've put links on the captions above if the items are still available online)

OOTD: Wearing The Sales

Saturday, 10 January 2015
Oh look it's my first OOTD of 2015!  I did a grand total of 13 Outfit of the Day posts in 2014 which isn't too bad, but I'll try to do better this year.  

I quickly* took these photos this morning before heading off to meet my pal Kirsty for lunch.  Funnily enough, my first OOTD of 2014 was also taken on the day I met her for a post Christmas catch up lunch, which is a nice wee coincidence.

*I say quickly, it actually took about 45 minutes and made me miss my bus….oops

I've called this "Wearing The Sales" as half of the outfit was purchased in the January sales (and will feature in an upcoming sales haul post).  The pleated skirt is from New Look and an absolute bargain at just £7.  The necklace and bag are both from Topshop - the satchel being my bargain of the year at £20 reduced from £65, ooh mama!  

I had originally planned on including some outdoor shots here too, and was going to ask Kirsty to help me photos but halfway through lunch it started snowing so that plan went out the window.  Luckily I'd taken some backup shots in my coat before I left so those will have to do!  

The cosy cream scarf is an oldie from Primark (it's soooo soft!) and the gloves are from Three (yep, they also do accessories!).  In case you can't tell from my cheesy phone shot, the gloves are usable with touchscreens which means I am free to browse Twitter on my iPhone whilst waiting on my bus in the morning without getting chilly fingers - win!

skirt - New Look (not online)
top - Dorothy Perkins (not online)
necklace - Topshop (not online)
satchel - Topshop (not online)
boots - New Look
coat - ASOS (old)
gloves* - Three

A Year on Cocktails & Daydreams

Friday, 2 January 2015
A slightly vain exercise, I admit, but I've seen similar posts on other blogs and thought it was a nice way to round up a year of blogging.

So here's my favourite posts from each month of 2014.

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